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I am thinking about a small motorcycle (or possibly scooter) capable of carrying my wife and I short (up to 30 miles) distances comfortably.
I have a 2005 Class A 35 Winnebago Adventurer, and am just curious about input about recommended cycle/scooter brands/sizes, etc. as well as a good Rack for transport (does not have to be electric). Any thoughts/advice is appreciated.
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Re: Motorcycle

What you want is probably to heavy to mount on a "rack" assuming you mean one mounted to the hitch receiver. You're probably looking at a trailer to haul that size motorcycle.

Search on the forum for "motorcycle". There has been a lot of discussion here about hauling them around.


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Re: Motorcycle

Welcome Ken

Another thing is motorcycle licence. In Fla, anything over 49cc a motorcycle license is required. Come June 1st you will need a 6 hr training course before being allowed to take the test.

We had a Honda Goldwing in the 80's but then there was kids, work, life, etc so we sold it to an engineer who made an ultra lite for him & his son.

This last Christmas we bought a 150cc scooter that we use to run around town. Post office, Bank,or a Sunday afternoon ride. Relative lite approx 275-300 lbs. Carries the 2 of us. Gets about 75-80 mpg. Even has a box(trunk) on the back. BUT it is NOT big enough to take on an extended ride over 40-50 miles due to NUMB BUM. :eek:

Darlin :cool: