Motorhome Size

I was wondering I have had a 21 foot motorhome for years been in mountains etc .. I was looking at a 30 foot motorhome .. Now I know this is wild question but .. as far as driving the bigger class a motorhomes do they handel and drive Good as the smaller motorhomes wind etc .. Im thinking the extra 10 feet Would be a pain getting around.. I would like to hear from a person that traveled with both .. and the other question is pulling a small car behind the 30 footer.. can you get around ok ? Because I was thinking Guys pull around trailer and truck witch is over 50ft any info be great to help me deside ... I just doing some shopping here ..
Motorhome Size

Not a lot of experience here BUT I went from a 24' Argosy to a 27' Winnebago and there is little difference in driveability. Both have relatively short wheelbases for their length and therefore are quite manueverable. The Winnie has a little more tail swinging into the adjacent lane when making turns (right turns the back end pivots left and vice versa).
One difference with towing a car versus a trailer will be backing up. Pretty difficult with a car. Need to make sure you can pull through wherever you pull off the road.
You'll be fine and love your thirty footer. Go for it! :)


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Motorhome Size

Our previous motorhome was 96" wide and 24.5' long, weighing a GVWR of 12,500#. It was built in 1987 on a P-30 chassis. We now fulltime in a 35', 102" wide motorhome that weighs in at 18K. The fact is that our present motorhome handles much better than did our previous one, even though it is far larger. It has better brakes with disks on all four wheels and the stability is greatly imporved. The only difficulty in moving up in size was the mental part. It is more of a challenge when you turn corners both due to the much longer wheel base and because it has much more tail swing. But the stability and the stopping ability are much improved. There have been great strides in the suspension of gas chassis for class A motorhomes and even the class C, cutaway chassis have been completely redesigned. So if you are moving from an older motorhome to one built much more recently, you will probably find the adjustment surprisingly easy with better handling than you now have.


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Motorhome Size

A number of factors influence handeling but none is as important as wheelbase to lenght ratio. You can get this info at

goos luck