Mount Rushmore Campground

We are also planning a trip to mt rushmore area, but we do not have any children going with us. Would really appreciate some help on locating a nice, quiet, shady campground where we could sit for week or so and really enjoy the sites there. seems to be a lot to see in that area - we have never been to SD. Just wonder if we should wait until after Labor Day to go up there??? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all!
Mount Rushmore Campground

Check out the Crooked Creek Resort in Hill City (which is pretty centrally located in the Black Hills. We are planning a family reunion there next summer and, according to my cousin who has surveyed it very thoroughly, it is a very nice resort and campground. Their website is :
Mount Rushmore Campground

We just got back from there and stayed at Heartland RV Park in Hermosa, SD which is just south of Rapid City and about 30 minutes from Mt. Rushmore.

I would not say the park lives up to their web site. If you like weeds and an open gravel field then this might be your place to stay. It's brand new but we were expecting wooded lots, etc.

We did see other RV parks closer and more what we were expecting near Keystone, SD. Try the KOA near there.

As far as the time of year to go, we thought the weather was perfect during August, cool at night (needed heater on several nights) and warm during the day (needed the air on several days).

A lot of the RV parks in that area seemed very open and desert-like, so be careful in your choices. Stay in or near the parks as you can.

Enjoy your trip,


Terry Kohler
Cincinnati, Ohio
Mount Rushmore Campground

Though it is not too close to Mt. Rushmore, my wife, kids and I have stayed at Comanche Park Campground west of Custer. No hookups, almost all trees, quiet, hardly used in late August, the only time we've been there. Campground host. Close to Wind Cave and Jewel Cave (you have to see them both--they are totally different!) Reservations are possible, check here:

Weather was beautiful in late August, I think it could only get nicer after Labor Day.

Steve G in Minnesota
Mount Rushmore Campground

We are from Ca and on our honeymoon we spent a week at Wispering Pines it's "smack dab" between historic Deadwood and Mt. Rushmore! Its one of the best camp sites Ive ever been to!Every night they have a outdoor cook out, and a video screening of a movie the guest vote on watching. Best of all there are no bugs to be found! You can check out thier Website for info

One word of caution though- if the news reports say a thunder storm is brewing find a place to park your truck under the cover of a roof.
Our new $30,000.00 truck was totaled in a hale storm!
We'er talking softball sized hail smashing anything it touches!