mouse in the wall


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If someone can please help us out with this problem......We just purchased a 2003 Coachmen Leprechaun on Ebay. When cleaning out the coach, we found a bad smell in the back bedroom. Upon further invesigation, we took out the vent closest to the floor, and the carbon monoxide detector--the wall behind the toilet--and found a dead mouse and a small nest. We also found the makings of a nest under the bed, next to the water tank, but no mouse. Can anyone suggest the best way to get rid of the smell, and how do you know if there are any others? Is there an easy way to pull up the carpet? Is it easy to replace? How would you suggest taking the wall panels off to look in this area for other mice without wrecking anything? My email address is . If anyone has experience with this, we would greatly appreciate your assistance.