We're facing the inevitable reality of having to park "Old Nellie", our '79 Tioga class C, in storage for the winter. Oh yes, we're adventurous and all, but not adventurous enough to camp in -20 degree Wisconsin weather. So, I guess I'm looking for advice from the "experts", or at least the experienced, on how best to prep the rv for the winter. Any and all pointers you can share would be appreciated!

I have free outdoor storage available at a friend's farm. The problem is, it has a reputation for having mice. Since we just rebuilt the rv and replaced the carpets, paneling, etc, I don't have much desire for an infestation.

Any thoughts?

As a newbie, I am interested in any small bits of advice others have accumulated over their years about issues related to storage....

Thanks millions, RV junkies! (In the most affectionate of tones, of course!)

Re: Mouse-Proofing

Mike, getting mice in an RV is just about like having a burglar break in and trash the place. You just won't be able to stand it (and perhaps a spouse will have more to say. :clown: )

Avoid that situation at any cost.

Also, do a Search here (in the upper left of the page) for "mice mouse".

Here's a search of the forum that goes back two years.
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I had mice get in a truck one time. I took dryer sheets and hung them under the hood. NO more mice. They hate the smell of dryer sheets. Take some and put in cabinets, tie them to springs underneath and I bet they will leave you alone.


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Re: Mouse-Proofing

Stuff steel wool into any openings where things penetrate the exterior of the RV. That is one of the few things that a mouse will not go through. If the space is subject to dampness, use one of the brass scouring pads as they will not rust. I keep one around my water hose when parked in winter as we are fulltime.

You and also fill holes using the expanding foam sprays, but use care as over filling a void will cause damage. Read and follow the directions on the can.
RE: Mouse-Proofing

Hello all:

I am definitely sensitive to the issue of mouse infestation. I had a Nissan Stanza wagon that I stored once and when I got back to it, I couldn't even get close. Made my eyes water just to sit in the thing. And the burning sensation in the back of the throat?? Can you say Jalepeno pepper-burn? The worst thing was as I fired the engine up, they all (multiple families, I'm sure) scattered. Across the ceiling, under my feet, over my lap.... It was like a '50's horror movie. (No offense to the more experienced generations out there.)

Thanks for the advice regarding dryer sheets. I will buy 20 boxes of 'em and cram them in every crease and corner. I think one of the companies makes a long term fabric softener that you stick inside the dryer for like a month at a time. Perhaps I'll try that!

Keep the good ideas coming. I'll have to push Irv into storage in a couple weeks. (We gave up the name "Nelli" a while back. I thought Irv more appropriate. I thought it was cute, but my wife just rolled her eyes. Yes, we've been married 12 years!)

Happy autumn!



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Re: Mouse-Proofing

I just put cayene pepper and bouce fabric sheets in every location I figured the mice could get into, also I put steel wool around my power cable and water hose and sewer pipe where they came into the rv. Lastly I put poison recommend by the local farm store under the rv. I hope that I will have no problems with them this winter.


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Re: Mouse-Proofing

I used moth balls in my boat when I use to winter store it. Keep out most all critters, including mice, coons, squirrels, rats, etc. I would spread them around in the cabin area, on the back deck area (covered) and down in the bilge area. Didn't take long to get the moth ball smell out in the spring and was worth not having critters there. Of course, I only use them for storage use. ;)


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We put moth balls in our shed when we had our home and still had mice so we put them in totes in shed and the mice still got into the totes. Gave up after watching the mice play soccer with them. :laugh:


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Re: Mouse-Proofing

The real sure way to get rid of them is to get you a hungry cat. WE had a cat and we had no mice, field rat or even baby rabbits, she would kill them all and bring them to the back door. I guess she was showing us she was on the job. :laugh:


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Re: Mouse-Proofing

Tried that when we had the house but did not want to leave the shed open to any and all animals and weather so they cold not access it and do their thing. We lived in the country where we had all kinds of other animals as well, like racoons, porcupines, cougars, deer, rabbits (cat ate and played with them too), and all other kinds of wildlife in the yard.
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We were thinking of using the expandeable spray foam that you get at the hardware store and sealing all the gaps on the bottom of our new trailer. Has anyone tried this?
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My camper has been stored in a mouse infested farm area for the last 5 yrs. A very wise man suggested MINT EXTRACT on cotton balls spread around the inside of the camper. Also be sure to remove any sighs of food or paper products. Not a single sigh of a mouse yet!
ps. I've seen mice make nests out of dryer sheets and cant stand the smell of moth balls. Good luck all
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Googling it, says that Wal-mart carries it in the baking section. Made by McCormick spices...... so any larger grocery store, I would think. !