Moved up, need help

Well we made the big plunge and upgraded our slide-in camper for a 1989 Winnebago Cheiftain . Had it served to make sure it is road worthy and it runs great and passed our state inspection. We are learning all the things it can do (so much to learn). I need help, when I plug in the 30 amp service everything works ( :) ) but when I unplug it and turn on the onan 6.5 gen, the forward T.V., microwave, and refredgerator will not power up, have I missed something?
Thanks for any help.

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You probably don't have any 115. The most common is that there is not an automatic switchover. this means in the compartment where the 30 amp cord is there should be a plug. That is where the gen. sends the juice. Plug it in there and it should work fine.
Good luck
RE: Moved up, need help

Thanks for the help, I would also be interested in contact anyone with a 1989 Winnebago Cheiftain for some education.


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Does anything which uses 115 work (outlets, rear TV, etc)? If not, then Bush70 could be right, you need to plug your trailer into the generator. Or you have an automatic transfer switch which is malfunctioning. Or the circuit breakers on the generator have popped. Or the generator is not producing power. Or the wireing has been 'modified'.
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Bush70 hit right on the head, again lots to learn, big differance from our slid-in...but it fun learning new things.
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On your 6.5 there are two breakers on the end of the generator part of the unit. Make sure both breakers are in the on position.