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New to the board. We currently have a popup, but after spending another miserable week in the wind and rain, we have begun to look at TTs. Does anyone know anything about Fleetwood Prowlers? We really like the 28ft, and the GVRW is 9200lbs. We will be towing with a Dodge Ram 2500HD, 5.9L V8, with towing package. It has 4wd(not working). We usually tow only 100 miles (we live on Marylands Eastern shore, and it is FLAT) but might take a trip down 95 to FLorida. I believe the truck says it's rated for 8800#. We travel lightly, never carry water, and only 1 can of propane. We also liked a Mallard 27ft, which has GVRW of 7200#, which I know would be the smarter choice for my truck, but boy that Prowler was nice. Thank you in advance.

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Hey sandytoes1961, welcome to the forum. You're right, weight wise the Mallard is the best choice. You can probably get by with the Prowler for short trips. Not sure how well you will do going up the hills going to Florida. Your limiting factor will be the V-8 gas engine.

Was the 8800# the GVWR of the Ram or the maxium towing capacity? Generally speaking, a 3/4 ton V-8 pickup with a Class IV hitch can tow 10,000lbs. If that is the case, you would be within your towing capacity with the Prowler.

In any case, I don't think you will be as overloaded with the Prowler as some of the 3/4 ton pickups I have seen going down the road pulling 36/38 foot quadruple slide 5th wheels.

You might want to consider a small (25/28 foot) 5th wheel trailer. They tow easier and you can tow a higher capacity weight with the 5'er. For instance my Dodge Cummins Turbo Diesel is rated to tow a 10,000lb TT and a 12,000lb 5th wheel. The location and type of hitch makes the difference.


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Thanks for the info. I guess I need to clarify.....the GCVW is 14,000# and the GVWR for the truck is 8800#. We do have a class IV hitch. I finally had a light bulb go off over my head. I THINK I understand now. Never in a million years is my truck going to be carrying anything remotely close to what it's able to carry, and we will probably stay on the flats of the eastern shore. I think I'm less confused. Maybe.