Musty Smell

I recently purchased a 1983 Skyline Layton. It is pretty good condition for the age. I tore out and replaced all of the rotten places I've found so far. I thought that would get rid of the musty smell, but hasn't. Does anyone have any suggestions on hoe to get rid of the smell?
Musty Smell

five gallon of gas and a match should do the job. Just kidding, I have used Fabreze in the past, just spray it around and it should help.
Musty Smell

You might also try putting a household dehumidifier inside the camper for a few days. Make sure the windows are tightly closed and this may help with your problem. The dehumidifier will remove any moisture that may be in the wood or pressed board that the camper is made of.


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Musty Smell

Welcome to the forum. You might want to make sure you don't have any leaks still there. I'd hose it down real, doors, roof, etc., and then check to see if any moisture is getting inside (including storage areas/outside). If it had leaks/moisture problem previously, and you've taken care of "rotten" stuff, you may be redoing it again, if there are still leaks there. Just a thought!!!! :) :laugh: :cool: :bleh: ;)
Musty Smell

Thanks for the tips. I have been going camping with friends and family for a while, but first time rv owner.
How does the ~$10 a gallon roof sealant/coating hold up?