My 1983 Toyota Minilight Motorhome

After reading some previous posts about being able to climb mountains. I thought I better ask too. I have heard to not fill the water tank until I get to a campground. But I never considered that my little Toytoa motorhome may not make it at all up a hill - egads! I'm a newby too & have so much to learn before this Spring / Summer camping season.
Re: My 1983 Toyota Minilight Motorhome

Soooo, are there any hills/ mountains in the NW that I might not make it up? I've traveled as high as 6,000 so far, but at the highest point I was only doing about 25 mph in 2nd gear.

DL Rupper

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Re: My 1983 Toyota Minilight Motorhome

Hey Jackie1133, welcome to the forum. I usually fill my water tanks about 1/2 full just in case I don't make it to a campground and need to stay in say a Forest Service/BLM campground (no hookups) or even a Wal-Mart parking lot (heaven forbid).

You can probably make it up most grades with your Toyota if it is running good. Just gear it down. It may take awhile but you should make it. If you are on a long grade going slow, be sure to use your emergency flasher lights to warn fast moving vehicles approaching from the rear.

You may run into a problem with your carburetor and high altitude ( above 9/10,000 ft) in the mountains in the North West. The old carburetors tended to run rich at high altitude. Not enough oxygen and too much gas . Also, try to stay away from Ethanol gas. Carburetors tend to vapor lock using ethanol. Computer chip controled fuel injection systems fixed those problems.


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Re: My 1983 Toyota Minilight Motorhome

I always carry a third of a tank for stops along the way if needed and in case I dry camp for some reason.