My New 2005 Cedar Creek!

Man I just bought my 2005 5th Wheel Cedar Creek Camper and I am so excited!

The dealership I bought it from was so nice and helpful. I got a great deal and they were willing to work with my budget. They made sure also that I would be a repeat customer.

Wow refreshing right?

Anyways I wanted to spread the news about this place if anybody wants a cedar creek. They do other ones to, but they wheeled and dealed with the cedars.

If you are in Houston, look them up

I dont have any pictures of it, but they had it online, so I can a link to look at it because they still have it listed.

It is this one 2005 CEDAR CREEK 27LRLS
My New 2005 Cedar Creek!


Sorry to tell you this but the picture of the 2005 Cedar Creek 27LRLS shown on this page is not a fifth wheeler, it is a travel trailer.
My New 2005 Cedar Creek!

Thanks, Turnip I typed in the travel trailer that my father was interested in. The 5th wheel that I bought is the 05 29LRLBS. Anyway, It has been a pleasure working with the folks at Eastex Camper Sales. So my father is looking to have a nice trailer for his weekend fishing get aways. Look at the one I got at