My slide outs will not close?

Hello everybody,
Maybe someone can help, I just purshased a 32.5 gl fleetwood wilderness from an individual.I took it to my hunting lease over the weekend. It has 3 slideouts, As I was closing up Monday, they act like no power to none of them.I checked the 7.5 amp fuse and they are good, I went ahead and replaced it anyways. I reset all the breakers and cannot get the slide outs to move . They dont even make any noise. They are not in a bind. Is there any relay fuses or anything esle I need to know. I had a power generator running so it had power. So now It is 2 hrs from home in the woods and I need to bring it home next week. Any Ideas?
Re: My slide outs will not close?

mine has a hand pump on the hyd. pump that I had to use once to bring mine in. Took a lot of pumping but I finally got mine in. Good Luck
Re: My slide outs will not close?

I am not that familiar with Fleetwood, but you have a blown fuse somewhere. Could be a reset breaker near the battery.

Since you have 3 slideouts, I think you have a fifth wheel. Hand cranking the bedroom slide will be very hard, if not impossible. Good luck
Re: My slide outs will not close?

Thanks for the info , I am going back to the Deer lease this Friday and I will look for a reset button again. If I can find a Fleetwood dealer maybe they will have a idea. Thanks for the reply.
Re: My slide outs will not close?

What year model is the unit? In the mid to late 90's and early 2000's Fleetwood used Powergear systems for their sliderooms. This system had separate circuit boards for each slide room. They were normally located in the large storage area , normally screwed to the inner wall. These circuit boards had a 30 amp glass "slo-blo" fuse, and a 20 amp breaker on them. Normally the glass fuse would pop.
Re: My slide outs will not close?

Yes its a 2001 , I spoke with a guy at an rv center and he told me the same thing. He also said there was 30 amp glass fuses maybe under the refrigerator or somewhere, its like a circuit board with glass fuses. Heaslo said to look in the front storage compartment there was a fuse that has a reset button. I dont know , I wish it was here but its 2 hrs away and will not be there until Friday. But I will take all of the info Iam recieving and try to fix it this week. Thanks for all the Help.