my travel observations



well i have to say this about my trip ,, first ,, the price of fuel didn't seem to stop anyone from coming down here at least ,, i seen a wide range of out of state tags ,, and alot of local tags ,, but this was just for the holiday ,, most are leaving in the morning or tuesday ,, but i must say this it has affected the going out to eat ,,, i went to Crabby Mikes tonight ,, it's clabash seafood (or all u can eat buffet) anyway ,, if u don't get there when they open (4:30) u stand in line or go to the bar and wait for the pager thingy to go off ,,, NOT TONIGHT ,, they now open @ 3:00 ,, and we got there @ 4:15 ,, the paking lot was kinda full ,, but when we walked inside ,,, many,, many ,,, many ,, tables avail.. we got seated right away ,, and was outta there by 5:30 ,, but the crowd never got any bigger ,,, and as i said before ,, this may be where most are cutting back ,, yea they'll spend it on fuel ,, just not eat out ,, and this bty is the only time since i've been down here ,, that we have ate out ,, we have been grilling breakfast and dinner at the campsight ,,, and bty with all the money we savd doing this we are thinking of staying another 2 weeks ,,, was spose to come home next friday ,, but now looking at coming home ,, the following friday :bleh: :8ball: :approve: :approve: :eek: :laugh: :laugh: