Got a Class A, Nellie Belle, down in Hattiesburg Mississippi and love it but it has to stay there for a while.

Now my delima is I need another camper for just me and Precious. Been thinking about a pop up but then well why not small say 18' camper where I don't have to do anything but park it jack it unhook and go nite nite.

We would have to be caravanining so to speak because I would be driving the truck pulling the Jambalaya trailer (yeah we cook Cajun food at festivals in Tennessee and Kentucky) so the wife would be pulling the pop up or 18' camper with the Expedition. Is there a lot of sway on a little pop up when a truck goes by or would pulling a 18 footer be easier.

I kinda like the idea of not having to hassle with setting up.

So HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP? :laugh: :shy: :( :clown:


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Poppa, I toyed briefly with the 'Alpine chalet' style pop up. Resembles a pop-up when towed, but an A-frame chalet when opened. The nice thing, NO CANVAS. With practice, takes just a few seconds to set up or collapse. 4 hinged pieces, 2 triangular (sides) and 2 square (roof). If I hadn't already had a fifth wheel, probably would have gone for it.

I would imagine this would have much less frontal and side area to be affected by wind or trucks from the side, or wind resistance while towing.

Poppa- Our first RV was a popup by Chalet. All hard side , easy to set up, we pulled with a Pathfinder, no sway, trucks not a bother. we traded for a TT because we wanted some more room and facilities. Last year they started making a larger one w/facilities. In a way I wish we still had it. Web site is
Keep the shiny side up, Jerry

If you don't have a preference go with the small 18'. We had a popup and I hated not only the set up of the popup but everything else that goes with it. Putting all the bedding on, getting everything out of its storage compartment because nothing can stay out, it all has to be put away each time. Then you have to tear everything down to fold up the camper. Friends had a 18' Pioneer and all you had to do was fill the water, stock the food and go. Much easier!:)


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It depends upon what version of a pop-up you get. We loved our pop-up from Starcraft. It was such that we kept the beds made up when traveling and the storage cabinets did not lower for travel so we had much more storage. That type of pop-up is a little taller because the roof actually drops down over the top of the cabinets and can be easily identified because the roof on it is about 18" tall on the sides while the roof section of the type mentioned by deniloo is only about 6" in height. As long as the pop-up is a proper weight for the tow vehicle, it is very easy to tow and has no detectable sway problems. It is best if you tow with a vehicle that does weigh more than the trailer if you don't use a sway bar. With a little practice you should be able to set up a modern pop-up in about 10 minutes. The biggest weakness of a pop-up is the privacy issue.

Another possible solution might be to get a hybred.