Myrtle Beach in February

We are planning on taking our class a out of storage for a trip south in February. We know we can't drain the anti freeze, etc until we reach warmer weather ( we are WAY UP in New York ). My question is, has anyone been in the Myrtle Beach area that time of year? Are there any good sites? We know it my still be cool there but its alot warmer then here! Is there anything we need to know about a trip this time of year? Thanks
Tom and Deb
Myrtle Beach in February

thank you all for your information. we are both rookies at winter traveling so keep the tips coming if you think of anything. hope to see you all out there soon!
tom and deb
Myrtle Beach in February

Hello tjvpga, I go to SC in cold weather a cheap antifreeze is windsheild washer fluid 99 cents a gallon tanks won.t freeze with a few gallon and it cleans as you drive. Rich B.