Nash Factory Tour coming up...


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:) Having just returning from the RV show in Seattle and meeting Mr. Nash, he invited me and my wife to do a tour of his LaGrande factory. We are going the second Saturday in March. Have never done a factory tour before and don't know what to expect. I know that there are check lists for purchasing a trailer but are there any particular questions that you would ask as you go though?
Nash Factory Tour coming up...

Ohhhh sure rub it in.....go on a great factory tour, see some very good (and quality) rigs being built. Meet and talk with the people actually building them. Then you'll probably come back here and brag about what a great time you had.....blah blah blah

Jealousy is such an ugly emotion.....

Actually have had two Nash products (Nash 19ft TT and ArticFox 28ft 5er), also have met Ron Nash, he seems to be doing everything right and for the right reasons. Interesting story about how he got started (with Oregon lottery money, he didn't win it, but got some as economic investment for Oregon).
My wife used to say his interiors were designed by a woman because they were actually made sense for living in them. Found out when we met Mr Nash that his wife participates in interior design of the rigs.
As you go through ask anything and everything, as with most of us, they love to talk about their work and their product. You'll have a great time (and I'm still jealous....)