Nash Vs Outback

I have been looking for my first TT. Debating on 25' Outback Lite with 2 slides or going with a 22 foot Nash with no slides.

Is the Nash really all "that" and worth having with less space due to no slides?

I tow with a Dodge Dakota (4.7 v-8) which is rated for 6500+ #'s so my option to go bigger than 25' is limited. Both weigh about the same.

Gary B

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Nash Vs Outback

Hi davec0, I have no personal experince with either TT, but this fall we were looking at TT's and looked at an Outback a 24' single slide and we really liked the layout/floorplan. When we got home I checked all the RV BB I could fine and read up on the outbacks, seems folks either liked them or were having problems, many complaints, as for the Nash models it is very hard to find complaints, the Outback dealer is 100 miles from us, so we checked out a local Starcraft dealer and they had a Starcraft model with virually the same floorplan and it was a much better built trailer, and was $2500.00 less then the Outback (our local dealer was offering a good deal). Syarcraft has been in business for 30+ years and Keystone / Thor only since about 1996. Hope this helps as I said I have no hands on, other then looking and reseaching, and no we haven't purchased anything yet, we are leaning toward a 5th wheel now. :) :cool: :approve:
Nash Vs Outback

Thanks that helps. We did further research and seem like the Nash is one of the better built TT out there and has a better re-sale value. :cool:
Nash Vs Outback

We've owned a Nash TT and an Artic Fox (upgraded Nash) 5er.
Both trailers were very well built, never had any problems and would highly recommend either product.