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I read somewhere that National RV. company has declared bankruptcy. How good are their class A diesels? I am not very familiar with their coaches. Just looking for for opinions. :question:


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As far as i know about them they made a pretty good DP and a gas unit it was the Surfside ,, but i don't know to much about them or have i done any repairs on any of them ,,, sorry :)


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They built the Dolphin, Torpical, Surfside, Tradewainds, and Seabreeze. All and an excellent reputation up to very recently. The company also once owned the company Country Coach, but sold them a couple of years ago when they were first in financial trouble. Just lately they also sold the factory and grounds and leased that back in an effort to cover the extreme losses that they have had this past year due to some major problems caused by their having used poor quality fiberglass, not necessarily the company's fault. But they were not able to cover all of those repairs and also pay suppliers. The result was that effective Nov. 30, 2007, the company is in bankruptcy and all employees are laid off. For more information about the process, visit this link:

With the recent major quality problems that National has had, I would never consider any of the new units which are as yet, unsold.

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Dave are you looking at new or used units? National makes or did make good units IMO. A new would have to be a very good buy before I would buy one like 50% or better off MFG price. You would still have warranty on chassis, engine,drive line and appliances but no factory help.
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Thanks so far for the info. Would anyone on this forum know which models and years were affected by the bad fiberglass, :question:
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I own a 2006 Tropi-cal. 39 foot diesel pusher. I love mine. I have an engineering background so before I decided to plunk down a lot of cash on a new RV I did alot of research. To me Natioanl built one the sturdiest coaches in the business. I recently took a two and half month trip from Florida to Las Vegas to the Dakotas down through Michigan and back to Florida. We went over around and through the Rockies and at 13,000 feet altitude we never had a problem. If I had enough money I would buy the company myself.
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We are going to an RV show tomorrow on the Ms. coast.
I will be looking for the national to see if I like them.
Does anyone have information or know how to find the information about witch RVs witch were affected with the bad fiberglass.
Is this a structural issue or just one of cosmetics, or a longevity issue.
Buying a new coach at more than 50% off for cosmetic reasons or easily repairable yet leaving a cosmetic problem appeals to me.