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Ihave a 2006 Tropi-cal. 39 feet deisel pusher. For the gentleman that was asking about National RVs all I have to say is that I love mine. I recently took a two and a half month trip from Florida to Las Vegas to the Dakotas and back through Michigan to Florida. At 13,000ft we had no problem going over around and through the Rockies. The coach drove and rode well. I had spent many days driving 12 to 14 hours and felt quite comfortable at the end of the day. I have an engineering backround, so before I invested a large sum of money into a new RV, I looked to see how the coach was built. I am very convinced that they built one of the sturdiest coaches in the industry. I am also very saddened by their chapter 11 filing. If I had the money, I would by the company myself.

C Nash

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Re: National RV

I haven't seen to many people question the quality of National products. Never owned one but have looked them over good and liked what I saw. Have heard that there was some problem with something about fiberglass problem on newer models but not familiar wit it. Think most are afraid of how warranty work will be taken care of now that you will have no company backing. Good to see a good report on a rv rather than a bashing and problems. Welcome to the forum.