need a good 18 or 19 ft TT


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I'm looking for a good reliable 18 or 19 ft TT, mainly for 2 people on weekends. Anybody want to share what they have in that description and if they like it? I know most folks here probably have bigger TT's that that. Tks for the info. bob


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RE: need a good 18 or 19 ft TT

Hi Pictureman,
Being the new owner of a used Airstream and being on our 1st trip, I've become a complete convert to the Airstream TT products. They make the Bambi series that has 3 models at 16'7" and 4 models @ 19'2".
Don't know if you're looking for new or used but you can go to to see what the offerings are.

Navigate to: Products -> Travel Trailers -> Bambi -> Specifications/Floor Plans/Virtual Tours/Gallery/Options.

For us the clincher on buying an AS was product quality. If you've never been inside an Airstream and you have the opportunity, you'll see the differences in quality compared with other TT's. Now along with the quality comes a significantly higher pricepoint (again a personal matter on what your budget will allow). We purchased a 3 year old 22AS (22') and saved about $15,000 over a new '06 model. They don't depreciate nearly as much as others.

Happy RV'ing


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Re: need a good 18 or 19 ft TT

Nash makes a good little trailer thats not as expensive as an Airstream. Also not as nice.