Need advice ASAP / vehicle won't start


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I sure hope someone has some suggestions 'cause I am at a total loss. I have an 84 Flx 6v92 w/Allison 730. It has been running just fine and one day I parked it and shut it down to include shutting off both battery banks (12 & 24). A couple weeks later I return and turn on the batteries, set the start switch and when I hit the start button... nothing. It was dead. My gauge indicated 3v. I realived the 12v battery switch had been turned on prior to my arrival so I assumed someone had tampered with it and drained the start batteries.
I put a 35amp charge on the battery and kicked it up to 200amps to try to start the bus and still nothing happened even though the gauge did go up to 14v.
Is there a switch that disables the starting system if the bus is shut down while in gear and the air bleeds off? Is there a way to turn the system on and then tru to start it off the starter? I don't have a clue hot to get this thing to start as I don't know what the conditiuons were when it was shut down last if in fact someone did have it running.
Should I try to put a charge on the 12v bank only? I can hear a click in the rear when the starter button is depressed. (speaking of depressed...) If anyone has any suggestions, please advise asap as I need to get the hbus started so I can take it in for some other mechanical work.
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Need advice ASAP / vehicle won't start

Switches set correctly?
Aux batteries charged?
Starter stuck?
battery solenoid switch bad?
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Need advice ASAP / vehicle won't start

I would individually load test the batteries. Make sure you clean connections while you have them apart. I'm betting on a bad battery. Let us know what you find out.


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Need advice ASAP / vehicle won't start

Once you verify that all batteries are fully charged try by passing the ignition system and go directly to the starter with jumper cables.If the engine turns over your problem is in the ignition switch or associated wiring. If it won t turn over give the starter a couple of whacks with a hammer as it could be stuck or locked up,good luck.