Need advice for trailer purchase

My son is planning on buying a new trailer that he will pull with a 2005 Volvo XC90 SUV six with all wheel drive. It is rated at 5000 lbs. tow weight. He is currently looking aT Forest River and Kodiak (?) what he calls ultralites in the 26 foot range. I am a class A guy and can't help. Any suggestions for him out there?

C Nash

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Need advice for trailer purchase

Not familiar with the Volvo but, be sure and check the weights on the rvs. 26 ft seems a little to much to me for the SUV. I would stay at least 1000 lbs under the rated tow.
Need advice for trailer purchase


The Kodiak ultralights are a superior choice for him... Fully laminated, aluminum framed floors, walls, and ceilings... Even at 26', the weight would be in the 4000-4200 range...

I think with a 5000 lb tow capacity, he should be looking closer to a trailer that weighs in around 3500 max... Better safe than sorry.

His best bet: buy an American truck!!!!