Need Advice--Researching Full Time

My husband has retired early and I'm considering leaving the workforce so that we can RV in Oregon and the West Coast. Lots of research to do ahead of me. There are only the two of us, and my husband's work involves internet access (the faster the better).

I've started my research looking for websites devoted to RV living. Most of the sites so far seem to push books and ebooks over offering accessible information. Perhaps this is how some of the RVers are making their living and I don't begrudge them. Some of books look as if they would be beneficial, but there seem to be an endless list of titles!

I'm asking readers:
Recommend websites with ready information that I can read about RV living.

Recommend books for preparing for and full time RV living.

Recommend resources for possible income while RVing.

Recommend other message boards.

I am interested to know if others have gone to RV living full time before traditional retirement age. I am in my late 30's and my husband in his early 50's.

Need Advice--Researching Full Time

Extra comments:

We are considering a 5th wheel as the RV for our living. So we are looking into the various tow vehicles, lengths, slides etc. We are thinking about over 30 ft but under 40 ft.


C Nash

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Need Advice--Researching Full Time

Hi CookingCajun,
There are a lot of reports on the web where fulltimers have kept daily records and I have found them to contain very useful information. I can't recall the web add. but, if I run across or remember where they were I will post them. Good luck

Chelse L. Nash
Need Advice--Researching Full Time

OHHH MY GOSHHHH. Lady! With all due respect! Have you EVER done ANYTHING on a WHIM? Have you EVER taken a chance? Roll any DICE? How about a RISK? You will not EVER begin to live if you have to read about it first! Let me have a college degree? RIGHT!

Please reassure me that your "hubby" didn't marry you for your 'intellect.' You do have a brain and lets hope a sense of adventure....since thats WHAT RV'ing FULL TIME is all about.

Your ...what...30...(&)(&$#...!@#$!!#@ Im goin to pull what's left of my hair!

This is what YOU MUST do! Both you and your "husband" get some sort of rig....try a weekend. Rent it first! See how it goes. Then move to a week...a month etc. Try different rigs and situations. IE..Class A, B, C, 5th wheel....etc..etc..etc. Feel out what YOU like. Remember my southern neighbor, if you read a are getting only someone elses' experience.

Retirement isnt about keeping up with the Jones's...its all about flipping off the Jonse's while you watch them go to the salt mill and your in your flannel or "silk" jammies and tossed hair with the newspaper in one hand and coffee in the other!

Step away from the keyboard and let loose that death-grip on that thing called life and LIVE A LITTLE! Remember, if you cant handle independence, you should head RIGHT BACK to a job so you will be required to cave, endure back stabbings, jumping to conclusions, traffic, bitchy-co-workers, undue submission, missed hollidays, under the desk work, forced overtime and the medicore job reviews to intimidate you into working HARDER!

Think about it my 30 yr old sweedie! :clown: ;) :) :cool:


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Need Advice--Researching Full Time

Here is a website that has a lot of fulltimers on it. They also have a discussion forum where you can learn a lot just as this site does.

A good book is: "Living Aboard Your RV" by Janet and Gordon Groene. It is available at Camping World or
Type in the title and it will take you to the book. They have it in stock.
Good Luck :)
Need Advice--Researching Full Time

Mom always taught me to learn from OTHER people's mistakes.....a heck of a lot less painful !! So read those books about others experiences. This is a big life style change and a big financial investment....NOT to be done on a "whim". Bill Gates can whim himself silly but your money was long and hard earned and you just cannot make this big a life style change and financial investment wihout asking the questions you are and "doing your research". It's only common sense to make sure you don't jump and "whim" yourself into mental and financial disaster.

Good Luck.
A College Graduate