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I am a woman who will be retiring in the next year. my plan is to travel (which i will be doing by myself). I am looking for advice from others who are doing the same. I do not own any kind of rig yet and am having a hard time choosing the type that would be best for me. I would be considering a type c or a pull trailer I feel that 5th wheel would be nice since I will spending a lot of time in trailer, but i am afraid it may be more than i can handle.

my hope is that I can get some advice on what I may want to consider or what I definitely need to stay away from.
i live in the mid atlantic states and my destinations include florida, new mexico, idaho and alaska

anxiously awaiting your advice :) :)
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Welcome to the forum, stick around and you can learn a lot. From time to time, we get a little nutty, but are all a bunch of good guys or gals.

If you zero in on a class C, I can't help you much, but I can tell you that a 5th wheel will always tow better than a Travel Trailer. They are usually larger, but I sell 5th wheels starting at 21'. We sell quite a few 24', 27' and 30' and above. Check them out completly before ruling them out.
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i forgot to ask---- can anyone speak to hi lo's? I have also been looking at them. thanks so much for the advice :approve:


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I looked at Hi Los at the RV show in Richmond,VA last month just for the heck of it (heck, that was why I was at the show...just having fun). I thought the quality and feel of the walls and cushions was very much like that in my last pop up...not something that would stand up under a lot of wear and tear.


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The biggest problem people have with towables is that sooner or later you will have to back it up. If you have never backed a trailer up before you should get some training before you buy one.

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Hey wvbeginner, welcome to the forum. The 5th wheel is actually easier to pull and hitch/unhitch than the travel trailer (TT).
The biggest problem with the 5th wheel is you need a pickup truck to tow it. Whereas a smaller TT can be towed with a SUV.

If you decide on a Class C, make sure you get one that has the capacity to tow your get around vehicle.
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Welcome to the forum!

As to which units are best for you - you will need to consider tow capacities of the towing vehicle as well as the weights of your trailer and contents and any passengers/pets and other equipment.

When viewing the units, take the time to lay on the beds, sit on the potty (amazing but some must be made for midgets), fake a shower (did you hit the wall or pull down the shower curtain?), and fake preparing a meal (you will find the rear kitchen models have more counter space and you can have your coffee maker out full-time and still have the counter to prepare a meal). Sit on the sofa and view the turned off television - does your neck ache?

As to 'backing it up', that should not be a deterent in your selection. It took me a bit to learn to do it - and I will suggest that any trailer you purchase, you go to a school parking lot on a Sunday and have some fun backing the unit into a space.

From all I've read and heard, a 5th wheel tows best as compared to other towables. I personally do not have any experience with them. To the best of my knowledge, all of your towables will have to be leveled (low side gets a boost) and all wheels must be chocked. Then the unit will need to be leveled front-to-back (pretty easy). I have no experience with the hi-los so really cannot comment other than the positive side - less wind resistance when towing, better mpg.

In looking at the places you plan to travel, you might consider a unit with an enclosed 'basement' and you won't have to worry about a frozen holding tank.

Best wishes in your rig hunting.


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Class C or a small class A would be easy to handle and usually have self levelers you just push a couple of buttons to set.
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Welcome! You'll love this site. They baby sit me all the time. What a great group of people. I have a 15 passager van and pull a 29 ft toy hauler. Let me tell you. Parking lot school is the best! But, your right into checking out the inside, to see if it fits you and your life style. The Hi Lows, it's truly a lot of work, I felt. Used our friends one weekend... just to see. I looked into ours, and sure enough the guy let me take it for a ride. Pulled nice, had to do some schooling in backing up, wide turns. But since this is my second year at this RV stuff, and with the help from this group, I'm doing ok. I have found that, don't forget about being able to fill up with gas. That's where I need the most schooling. The RV shows are great to check out different campers. I made up a list of RV dealers, and planned trips to see them all in my area. The most important is make sure the RV is ok to tow with what you have.
Good luck and have fun!


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as all the other has stated WELCOME. I have had 2 TT, now I have MH, it was a choice between it and a 5er. I always call the CG and make reservation for a pull thru, it is easy to set up and leave, plus a lot of room for keep your toad. best of luck on your retirement and your venture in RVing
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just want to thank everyone for the good advice. I will definitely be watching this website consistently because there is a wealth of info here.

everyone have a good week and safe traveling. :clown: :clown:

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Hey wvbeginner, thanks for the thanks. It's nice for posters on this forum to be acknowledged when trying to give advice. All too often someone will make 1 post asking for info/advice and days later after numerous replies we never hear from them again. So again, thanks for your thanks. :)