Need Electrical Help

I'm relatively new to maintaining my own RV and have hit a major snag. Last time I went out my generator ran, but there was no power to the coach. When I got home and plugged in, still no AC power to the coach.
The 5amp fuse was blown at the relay behind the battery, but no other circut breakers are/were tripped and no other fuses blown. The Micro works, but nothing else.
Any suggestions?
Need Electrical Help

After a few more hours of tinkering, I decided to start the engine. Amazingly all the electrical came on and is working. But, the battery is not charging off the AC.

Any Suggestions now? I'm lost, I thought maybe there is a fuse somewhere that I don't know about.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts you might have.


DL Rupper

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Need Electrical Help

Hey NathanT, are you sure the batteries are not charging :question: Some onboard generators really charge at a low rate (2 amps) :( I use a RV/marine battery charger plugged into a plug on the outside of my RV to assist the generator in charging my coach batteries (8amps). Still doesn't charge very fast, but it helps. Good luck. :clown: :laugh: :)

C Nash

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Need Electrical Help

Hi Nathan, Might help to let us know what kind of rv you have. Will the tv play? Most everything else works on 12 volt. Is this a new rv to you? there may be a switch that connects the house batteries.