Need Help BAAD with pop-up lift system

I was packing for a trip to the desert tonight in my 1991 Viking pop-up, and when I went to crank the top down, it just WILL NOT go!! It goes up fine, but when I crank it counter clockwise to lower it, the crank ends up "un-screwing" itsel, and not lowering anything, like it can't turn the gears...!!?? This is my first trailer, and it worked fine until today. What does that mean? I don't think anything actually broke, otherwise I wouldn't be able to lift it, right? PLEASe help, as I don't have alot of money to blow on major repairs, but if I can't get any help, I'll have to just tear it apart and "try" to see what's wrong! Thanks in advance for any help.

Need Help BAAD with pop-up lift system

tenover, I don't know the answer to your question, a friend of mine pointed me to for hybrid questions, well they have a small hybrid community but a very active popup community there, someone there may be able to help you out since the site is mainly for popup people. Now if anyone can point me to a good hybrid site, I would be grateful.
Need Help BAAD with pop-up lift system

Thanks Barney, I've seen the IRV2 site, I think they are kind of week on the Hybrids too, just for fun I looked at the popupportal site too, they have are the smallest by far, not much of anything happening there. I did come across this site in my search it's for trail manor owners in case anyone is interested. Looks like a pretty good little community. Tenover, sorry I'm not trying to hijack your thread, did you ever find get the problem fixed?