Need Help on decision -Pleasure Way Excell


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Thinking about purchase of PW Excel, 1998,69000 miles, Dodge 360 Engine. Great Shape. Will be first purchase of rv. Asking Price 24,995.00. Seems somewhat high for 1998. Need your opinions. Thanks for any input. Bob


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Re: Need Help on decision -Pleasure Way Excell

Very much high. Not including options or special packages, the base price for that unit should be 19000 or less from a dealer, or 16000 or less from a private party. (NADA average retail and low retail respectively)


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RE: Need Help on decision -Pleasure Way Excell

DL: Thanks for your reply. I will wait awhile and see where we end up. I am new at this rv stuff, but felt it was out of line. I will be sure to check the nada.This is great site and I am learning alot by just hanging out.
Take care and be safe. Bob