Need help on what to look for in a used RV 5th whe

[Mark] I&#039m new to RV&#039ing and I&#039m looking at purchasing a used 5th wheel camper. There are so many brands out there. I need to hear from some of you folks that are seasoned in the RV field.
What I&#039m looking for is about a 27&#039-28&#039 5th wheel camper with a slide out (prefer the 14&#039 slide).

What brands do I need to look for? What brands do I need to stay away from? What are some must have things I need to look for in my search?

Thanks for your help in advance...this means a lot to this old novice.

Mark in Alabama
Need help on what to look for in a used RV 5th whe

[Art] Mark,

Do a lot of looking and a lot of asking around and you will start getting some names mentioned frequently. A few I would mention would be Jayco, Alpenlite, and Sunnybrooke.

What will be your tow vehicle? Be sure you match the 5th wheel to your tow vehicle. Before you go shopping, find the GVWR and GCVWR for the truck (along with any info in your manual on 5er toeing). Pay careful attention to tongue weight and dry weight for the 5er. You don&#039t want to end up with a 5er that is unsafe to be towed with your truck. Do not listen to a salesman who says "no problem". Make them show you the numbers.

When you have finally found the 5er that fits your needs, do a thorough pre-delivery inspection. I have an extensive checklist (free) on my website that you can download or print out. It could save you a lot of headaches later on.

If you find the website interesting, or the checklist helpful, let me know. Better yet, tell your friends to come check us out.

Happy Travels,
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Need help on what to look for in a used RV 5th whe

[Mark in Alabama] Ok, my truck is a 1995 Chevy Z71 Off Road with a SWB stepside bed, the 1500 series. So, I know that I will need (I think it&#039s called) an extended tounge 5th wheel.

The only name you mentioned that I&#039ve heard of is the Jayco. We have already done a lot of looking and asking, but a salesperson at an RV lot is NOT a good person to get this info from. Of course, the best brand (according to him/her) is the brands they sell. So, I need some unbiased opinions.

I will look over your website...thanks for the information.

Mark in Alabama