Need Help Picking Travel Trailer


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Hi All! I'm brand new to RVing and to this forum. My husband and I are looking for a Travel Trailer for us, our Retrievers and our grandkids. We're in our late 40's to early 50's and have 5 grandkids ages 3-9 with another one on the way.

I know I want a Queen-sized Walk-around bed in the Master bedroom, a complete walk-through bathroom off the Master, with a door coming out into the kitchen/living area. I know I want Quad Bunks at the other end of the trailer and a slide-out for the dining area and sofabed. That puts us up to about a 30 footer or more. We own a one-ton 15-passenger van with which to pull it.

I also know I don't want to pay full price for our Travel Trailer. We'd much rather buy a used Trailer and use the money we saved to vacation more.

We plan on "parking" our Travel Trailer most of the time on a rented lot either along the Mississippi River in St. Louis, MO, or at a nearby Lake. A couple times a year we'll take it and the grandkids to area lakes (for however long a car ride we can all stand!). We like to fish and swim and enjoy the outdoors, but we want to be able to get in out of the heat in the afternoons and sleep comfortably at night.

I would appreciate knowing ANYTHING ANYBODY has to tell me about Travel Trailers they've owned or heard about. Which ones are made poorly? Which ones are made well? Which ones have chronic problems? Which ones have leaks? Which ones tow well?