Need help to identify transmission fluid!


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Hello Allison Man,
I have a 03 Kountry Star, purchased April 2003 have 1300 miles on it at this time! Configured with an Freightliner XC Chassis, 330 Cat 3126E Engine, and 3000MH Allsion transmission!

I read the owners manual and it says to change the 2 filters no matter what fluid at 5,000 miles or 200 hours, Filters are the Main and the Aux/Lube!
I read on the Allison web site that I only have to change One Filter!
What do you think!

Also I have called Newmar, and Allison, and no one can tell me what type of fluid is in the transmission? I do not have a sticker on the tranny dip stick either!

I have not been able to get in touch with Freightliner yet to see if they can solve my mystery!
Since the type of fluid, dictates the future Servicing for the transmission I need to know exactly what I have!
thanks for your thoughts!
03 KS DP


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Need help to identify transmission fluid!

Hi Rob. If I were you I would consider the transmission fluid to be Dexron. At the first time interval it calls for a transmission fluid change I would change the filters and the fluid to Transynd and then you would definately know where you stand. Good Luck, GaryR.

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Need help to identify transmission fluid!

Hi Rob,
bet if you put the wrong kind of fluid in the tranny and burned it up Allison would then tell you what kind of fluid you should have put in :laugh: . I would not accept them telling me they did not know what kind of fluid you needed if you gave them the type rv an allison trans you have :angry:


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Need help to identify transmission fluid!


I "have been told" that as of last year, they were all shipped with transynd. I would not take that to the bank. If you cannot find out for certain, I would recommend an oil analysis to verify that way you will know for certain...No question... :cool:


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Need help to identify transmission fluid!

Allison ships their tranny with some Transynd to keep it lubricated. Freightliner then fills the tranny and I believe they use only Dextron. If you call Freightliner with your last six digits of your VIN, they will tell you what's in the tranny.