Need Questions Answered On Class "B"


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Hello----new to this forum---and I need questions answered about "B" Van Campers.
I am looking at a older RoadTrek---its a 1991 in GOOD condition, based on the rankings of poor, average good and excellent. It is a 190 Versatile---with seating for three and a closet where the fourth seat would be-----has refrig. (recently rebuilt), micro, sink, three burner stove, toilet and sleeping quarters----I believe either twin or double. Seems to be in pretty good condition for an older model-----it has 79,000 on it, has I believe the 318 Dodge engine and also a awning in good condition. The exterior is a little rough in that it is weathered from being out in the hot Florida sun all the time-----tires are new as well as a new battery system. Asking 14,000 ----- IS THAT A FAIR PRICE ----and if I offered the seller 12,000 would that be a fair price. I thought by asking experienced people in the B Camper Van area ------ maybe I would get some fast answers back.


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Re: Need Questions Answered On Class "B"

Go to your local library and see if they subscribe to either the NADA or the Kelly Blue Book for older RVs. That is the place to find a price for it. If you can't find the Road Treck, you can get some idea by looking up the Dodge van from that era and check to see what it should be worth. That price seems pretty high for a unit that is 15 years old, but I am only guessing. Perhaps one of the RV dealer members can help?

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Re: Need Questions Answered On Class "B"

I know the Road treks seem to hold there value but 12 even sounds high to me. Check with your bank to see what they will loan. A lot depends on condition but sounds like this one would be on low end of scale to me. Also be careful on the Fl units could be water damaged from hurricains.


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RE: Need Questions Answered On Class "B"

Welcome to the forum. Being that the 1991 Roadtrek is about to be 16 years old I would have to agree with Chelse on this one. You said the body is a little rough and with 79K miles on it would almost make me shy away even at $12,000. Shop around, winter is coming anyway.