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Hi Everyone,
I recently purchased a 2017 RAM ProMaster 2500 that has been 90% converted by Sunlight ... and RV company in Ontario that went under...Someone else bought it in 2019 but never finished the project...he then put it up for sale and I bought it. So the camper/van has never been used yet.

What's left to do: Installing grey and black reservoirs, installing solar panels, installing a hitch, etc but mainly, what I really need in order to put my mind at ease is someone to check the electricity and plumbing and just making sure all is working and secured.

I'm totally new at this and I'm looking for experienced electrician/plumber or anyone that is specialized or experienced with RV to look over it all and finish everything so that it is ready and safe to go.

I'm in Montreal but I can drive the van pretty much anywhere around here and the province of Quebec)

Thanks in advance,
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