Need to Find a Schematic for an Old Voltage Converter


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I'm trying to troubleshoot an old B-W 3230UL voltage converter, but I don't have a schematic. Does anyone have one, or could direct me to somewhere I might be able to get one?

I'm not getting 12v to the refrigerator. I have checked all of the fuses and the wiring.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Hmm, no response in a week. Is this forum still alive?

Oh well, here's an update, just in case anyone might see it and be willing to help:

General Information:

a. The RV is an old 1983 Lindy Class C built on a 1983 Chevy van.

b. The voltage converter is B-W 3230-UL.

c. The fridge is a Dometic model RM663.

Description of the problem:

There is 12VDC output from the voltage converter’s charger circuit to the house battery and the fridge (they seem to be on the same circuit), when the ignition switch is on, but not when it’s off

So, if we were to pull into a campground and plug into shore power, the fridge would not work and the house battery would quickly run down.

Additional Information:

1. Using my VOM, I have found, and checked, the following things for both continuity (while unplugged) and voltage (while plugged in) on both sides of each device:

a) a breaker found in the engine compartment, labeled, ‘'Auxiliary Battery, Press to Reset.’

b) a breaker found real close to the battery

c) a fuse in the voltage converter

2. When I plug into shore power, I get 110VAC to the voltage converter, I can hear it humming, and I can hear the little relay inside the converter ‘click,’ letting me know that the converter is ‘aware’ that it is switching to 110VAC. All of that seems good and correct.

So, any ideas as to why the voltage converter’s charging/refrigerator output circuit would work with the ignition switched on, but not switched off, even though it is plugged into shore power? I don't see why the ignition switch has anything to do with the converter's charging/refrigerator circuit at all.