need to ship a 5th wheel


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I need to ship a 5th wheel from Kentucky to New York. Are there truck rental companies that rent a dually diesel to pull this rig? Or, am I better off hiring a company that ships these types of units. Does anyone know how much this usually costs? I am open to all suggestions.


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RE: need to ship a 5th wheel

Make some calls to the shipping companies and see what they charge. You can also run an ad and see if you can find anyone with a truck with the proper hitch that might be willing to haul for you for a price. I hauled someones furniture for them one time years ago under the same circumstances. They paid me both ways.

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Re: need to ship a 5th wheel

I did a quick take on this and figured $3.00/gallon on diesel times however far at 10 miles per/gallon going and 20 miles per/gallon coming back just for the fuel. Lodging would run 2 to 3 nights at $100/night. Cost for towing would be appox $500 + fuel + lodging.