Need your Pros and Cons


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Hello to all. Looking into buying a repo 5th wheel and would like some input as to pros and cons on this particular model.
1999 Sierra by Forest River, Dodel M-30BHSS
Fiberglass shell
Single slide in living room
Power Roof (not sure what this means)
Power front leveling Jacks
14Ft Awning
11,600 BTU Furnace
13,000 BTU A/C
AM/FM/entertainment system
Hydralic Brake system
5 K generator
Non-Self Contained (not sure what this means)
It has some more stuff, but not sure what at this point.

Anybody know anything regarding this model????
Regards for input. :) :laugh: :cool: ;)

John Harrelson

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Need your Pros and Cons


I'm going to guess at this and say the "power Roof" refers to a powered exhaust fan with the shroud cover..

And the term "NON" self contained could mean a couple of different things...

#1... the trailer is a park model and does not have holding tanks.

#2... the holding tanks have been damaged and were bypassed by previous

#3... the fridge and hot water heater will no longer work on propane and need 110 volt electricity to operate.

#4... it has no potable water tank and must be hooked to an outside
water source..

As for the Sierra / Forest River names, I have not heard anything bad about them..
Is this a bank repo or a dealer repo ?? If its a bank repo, I would be very careful.. however if its a dealer repo, then you might make them do a "full hook up" so all the systems can be checked out...before handing over the money..

best of luck,


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Need your Pros and Cons

I've found out a few more things and have decided to pass on this one. It does not have all that was stated so will not pursue it further. It was a credit union repo, but my daughter works for that credit union and my wife retired from it, so we know the people there real good, but will still pass on this one. tks for the input. :)


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Need your Pros and Cons

Posted - Feb 09 2005 : 5:46:17 PM
stay a way from forest river, just read the posts on these units
You have a cheap aluminum box of an Aljo and warn others to stay away from the Forest River?
In another post you indicated the Aljo to be your first 5th wheel and yet you seem to be a 5er expert already.
When you have a 5th wheel comparable to any of the Forest River rigs than you can talk.


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Need your Pros and Cons

This isn't my first unit, sorry if I have offended you. If you noticed I asked them to read the forums on forest river products. There are not to many happy forest river owners out there. And as for my cheap aluminum box, Well I guess you haven't done your research. One of the best warranties on the market, Try to find anyone with any complaints on these units. I admit I am not a full timer like you, just a early 30's something out having fun.