Needing Advise on how to get an RV


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Hi! Me and my husband are planing to get an RV. We're looking for alternative to traditional homes. We don't have a steady job and not a lot saved up. The hope is to purchase a used truck and get a camper meant for wintering like articfox. Does anyone know where and how to start? Thanks, you're responses will be very much appreciated.

sophia james

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RV Shows are an excellent venue for your search. Usually staged during spring, summer and fall throughout the country, the shows offer the opportunity to see the different styles all in one place to help you determine the best fit for your needs. Also, manufacturer and dealer representatives are on hand to answer your questions.

RV Dealers are plentiful and usually have a good variety of examples on hand. And like car lots, the salespeople are out in force to greet you. So keep your guard up and don't let yourself get pressured into buying immediately.

Manufacturers have their own websites, with plenty of literature that you can download or order free of charge.