Negative experience with RV dealer in MN

Our motor home (38’ Dutch Star) was parked at Auto and RV Ranch in Elk River, MN (formerly Northern RV of Clearwater, MN) for the purpose of a consignment sale. During the five (5) year period the motor home was on the lot, it was rented out with our agreement. Bob, the owner, assured us that the motor home would be cleaned and maintained after each rental period. When we went to the lot to check on the motor home prior to taking it off the lot for our permanent use, we saw damage and theft had occurred in the amount of nearly $3,300. We presented Bob with an invoice for the losses and damage. He did not dispute any of the items listed as damaged or “lost”. He said all he could afford to pay us was $2,500. After seven (7) months of promises by Bob to either repair, replace or financially compensate us for our losses, we sought help from the Attorney General’s (AG) office in Minnesota. Bob has not responded to the AG’s inquiries. At this point we feel an obligation to inform any potential customers of Auto and RV Ranch in Elk River, MN of our experience so they can exercise caution before doing business with this company and its owner.

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Re: Negative experience with RV dealer in MN

Sorry to hear of your loses. Was all this in a written agreement? Even if it was not if he said he would pay 2500 he should stand by his word. You might try action line in Trailer Life Magazine. They seem to get pretty good results in rv disputes. Good luck and kep us informed. Hope this will not be your only post :) Welcome to the forum

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Re: Negative experience with RV dealer in MN

:( I understand your frustration,I had a simaler experence with a RV outfit in northern Wisconsin.They promise me
one thing and did the opposit to me.I reported them to the wisconsin better buesiness bureau.It was a waste of ink
contacting them.Found out the BBB works along the side of sellers and not the consumers.All n all,I ended up takeing a loss..Good luck what ever you do..


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Re: Negative experience with RV dealer in MN

Back home in Utah they have a news reporter who goes to these companies to ask them why and he also goes to the bbb and the ags and so on and its funny but he gets results in 99 percent of his cases and I think its cuz television gets out to more people. No one wants to see their company slamed on tv.
Re: Negative experience with RV dealer in MN

I'm really sorry for your loss. I do have a had you mh on a lot and rented out for five years and you are only checking it when you finally go to pick it up? I've had rental property over the years and no matter what the management companies told me, I checked the properties on a regular and fairly frequent basis. Didn't Bob have security deposits for damage, theft, cleaning, etc? Are there any contracts, lease agreements? did you receive compensation from rentals? Or, was this normal wear and tear for five years of rental. $3300 in damage over five years seems pretty small.
RE: Negative experience with RV dealer in MN

You LEFT it with 'Bob' on consignment and allowed him to RENT it !! Did you only check it ONCE?? I am sorry you have had the problem, but it sure sounds like you did it to yourself and 'Bob' took advantage of you. Your only alternative now is lawyer and court, and that is going to cost additional $$$$.

Good luck to you.
RE: Negative experience with RV dealer in MN

Interesting that I came across this as we are also haveing trouble with Bob from the Rv Ranch . My husband went to check on our camper this spring and found that someone was living in it on the lot. Bob and my has spoke and he assured us that he would fix it up and fix the thermostate and have it parked out front of there lot so it would sell. I droped in a week ago to find the camper in the middle of a bunch of other campers and was not even visisible. I also found that there was a hold in the fiberglass in the front and the fiberglass was cracked in the back as was the corner of the camper and the thermostat was still not fixed. I spoke with a gentleman that day at the lot and he took me inside to speak with Robert he was then told by a women that he had just steped out that they would have him call me. I then drove away and called back 20 minutes later and asked to speak with the owner the man gets ont he phone and his name was Bob the same exact person that led me into the office to speak with owner when infact he was the owner. I was very upset I told him to get a full payment for our camper of $13000 to us in two days or we would seek further action. I have not hurd from and I have also left several messages with no return or answer from him. I have just faxed them a letter from us and am waiting for a reply. I am asking that they repair all the items on the camper and return it to our home by friday .I will keep you posted as to what happens. :angry: