Negotiating a price for a new fifth wheel


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Good morning! This is my first post on here, and I had a question about how to negotiate the purchase price for the new fifth wheel I am about to buy. I have been in contact with a salesman in the Salt Lake City, UT area about getting a fifth wheel, and he sent me three links to units that he thought best met my liking.

The MSRP listed on the pages were between 61k and 63k. I had previously told him that my budget was in the mid 40's. When I asked him why he sent me links for such expensive models, he said they were "having a sale" on those and they were available for 44,999. In your experience, how much can I realistically expect to talk him down?

If it helps, the models were the 2013 Keystone Avalanche 341tg, and the Dutchmen Komfort 3530FBH. Thanks for your help!