never owned a cab over camper before

i am looking into buying a used self container cab over camper to put it over my truck so that i can travel around a few days and come back and then travel again.

of course the camper must have shower, toiler,....

i need help to find the correct front tie down and rear tie down. i look into the internet, there is no drill front and rear tie down.

i would like to know if the seller has a ford 250 and i have a dodge 2500, will the no drill tie down for ford fit into my dodge?

if not, what is the main different.

Re: never owned a cab over camper before

From the tone of your posts, I don't think you're ready for a pick-up camper nor anything else....Buy some camping books and read all you can. Mentally prepare yourself, if you know what that is, for a year or so, then come back with your questions


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Re: never owned a cab over camper before

The various truck manufacturers have a tendancy to introduce minor diffences between their products. Will this affect a Tie down? Perhaps. My 2001 GMC would not accept a bed cover designed for a 1998 GMC without modification.

Your best bet is to contact the manufacturer of the tie down and see what makes, models and years it will fit.

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Re: never owned a cab over camper before

Hey joycemok, welcome to the forum. Most cabover campers have the shower as part of the toilet (crapper) and sink with a flimsy shower curtain that is supposed to contain the water. Not the best arrangement. All fixtures contained in a very small space. Most cabovers are very heavy and tax all but the most heavy duty 3/4 or 1 ton suspensions. Make sure your truck has the capacity to safely haul the camper. Good luck.
Re: never owned a cab over camper before

I can tell you that a Ford tiedown system with not work on a Dodge truck. There might be a universal system but if you are looking for a "no drill" system they are vehicle specfic.