New 5th Wheel Purchase

I am purchasing a 5th Wheel with a GVWR of about 14,500 pounds and dry weight of about 10,950 pounds and would like a lot of tow vehicle suggestions. I don't want a dually or 4x4. I could change my mind on a 4x4 but not a dually. Thank you.

New 5th Wheel Purchase

I believe Ford still makes a 1 ton that isn't a dually. Chevy probably still does too. Check the gross towing capacity on the F250 Super Duty. When towing a trailer you must look at the towing capacity and not the carry capacity.

DL Rupper

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New 5th Wheel Purchase

Let me be the first to say the Dodge Ram 3500 Cummins can be purchased in a 4x2 version that isn't a dually.
New 5th Wheel Purchase

I'll jump in too. GM is now making the Duramax with 360hp. and 650lb. of torque. Their 2500HD is rated to tow 15,700. Check out the others, you won't find it. You can get a 4x2 if you want and they do make a 3500 that is not a dually.
But, D.L., I will admit I loved the 2 Dodges I had. :)