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Hi Everyone, I am ready to take the plunge and most likely buy a Class C Motorhome as it seems to be the best idea for one person to manage. I want to live full-time and travel to my children and grandchildren from coast to coast and to warmer climates in winter. I have seen many I like but wondered if you could give me an idea of exactly what I must have to make my life easier and fun, of course.

Thanks in advance and I am open to any info you might choose to share..........



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There are those who fultime in a C, but I feel you get more for your $$$ with an A as to amenities and living space. Most all A's have most of what you need from the get go. One person can handle an A as EZ as a C. Room for storage is of great importance to a Fultimer where it is hi/her home. Look at as many as you can before you buy. Sit in a few different model for a bit and think about living in it. Then look at what is important to you heaters and cooling are about the same. Generator if you will be boondocking is very important. entertainment center in the living area and the bedroom area. Will the kids be spending time with you, sleeping room for the company. Good sized refer and freezer, you will need to store"enough food". Will you tow a car or have a motor cycle. Power enough to tow? Diesel or gas? Gas cheaper by the Diesel model have more better accessories and tend to ride a bit better because of the air bag system. Most Class A's have double pain windows for better heating and cooling. Don't think there is much difference in driving a A or a C, they both have a learning curve.



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Hi Trish and welcome to the RVUSA Forum. I agree with Len that you will get more living space in a Class A vs a Class C, but it all depends on what YOU feel comfortable driving. I was licensed to drive everything from a jeep to a M60 tank, to include a 40 passenger bus, but I did not feel comfortable in the driver's seat of any of the Class A's we tried out. So we got a 30 foot Class C with the Ford V10 engine and have been very happy.

Go to the dealers and sit in the driver's seat. Take some out for a test drive. Buy something you will be safe and feel comfortable driving. That ain't no Honda Civic you'll be maneuvering down the street. Good luck and post back with any more questions.


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I agree with both of the above posters and each passed on some good salient points. Len is spot on in saying most likely not much difference in driving an "A" or a "C". Akjimmy is also right on the mark get in test drive and buy what you are comfortable with.

Myself I have and "A" and take a few summer excursions but do make the snowbird run for warmer climes (FL). I've noticed that drving a M/H is a persihable skill if you are not consistently moving around. First 50-100 miles I'm a bit nervous but then it all comes back. Backing in never seems to be a problem I guess its the pressure of your friends watching the potentail calamity.

I think the worst days while snowbirding is when its raining. Your couped up in whatever unit you buy so take that into consideration when looking. On good days I'm out of the unit most of the time walking, riding a bicycle or BSing with neighbors. I have an outside entertainment center but very rarely use it however most folk I see in Fl are sitting under their awning watching the tube frequently.

There are many days while in Fl that I have 2 of the 3 AC's on to stay cool. Ditto can be said for the evening I usuallly have at least 1 heatpump running sometimes 2. The past two winters have been miled and have only used the furnace sparingly. So guess what I'm trying to say is that I like the A/C & heat pump option if its available in the unit you are looking at its well worth cost in my opinion.

Myself (should have no bearing on your decision) I like the dinette seating arrangement better than a booth. I'm not a huge guy but have not ever been confortable when visitng folks who have the booth arrangement in their units.

Presently have an oven in the M/H and it has become a FMCA mag storage area we never use it. We do use the cooktop and definitley use the micro/convection oven. If we want to cook/bake something we usually do it on a small Holland Comapion Grill that can do anything that an oven can do but outside of the unit.


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I agree with previous posts. Kind of depends on whether folks will be staying with you or not. We currently have a Class C, 31 feet, with a slide-out. We are moving up to an A, as we are preparing as retirees to do more traveling. However, with the slide our class c was very comfortable and did the job for many years. Always always get a slide-out, it helps on living space. Ours is living room only and we did wish we had one in bedroom. Good luck and happy safe traveling!