New BB - Awful!!!

[Don B] This new BB layout is, without question, the WORST that I have ever seen. I have stayed away for about a month hoping it would be fixed and am disappointed to see that it has not.

There are SO MANY other much, much better BB layouts around that I can&#039t understand why this one has to be designed to be so difficult to use.

Guess I&#039ll keep my fingers crossed and, maybe, check again in another month or two.

Don B
New BB - Awful!!!

[Greg P] What specifically is so awful? We have changed the layout to make it faster, and even though a few people are complaining, posts on the board are about the same as what they were before the change. The board was changed because the old board caused the system to crash on a regular basis. The layout on this board is in fact, similar to some of the most popular boards on the web. If you look at each item, the number beside it indicates how many replies there are and the red arrow indicates new posts have been made to the thread. We are still trying to duplicate the "blue bleed" problem a few of you seem to bee having, but have not been able to replicate it as of yet. Give us good positive feedback, and we will work hard to improve the site. We are doing everything we can to improve the site and there are about 20% more people visiting the site per day. We appreciate all of you comming to the site and look forward to your feedback.

-Greg Petry
New BB - Awful!!!

[RON] I have no problem with the layout - it is similar to many on the net and better than many. My problem from the start has been the speed of the BB. It has improved but I am still experiencing problems when it loads or when I go from one post to another. It seems to load quite rapidly until it is almost finished and then stops for several seconds. During those several seconds it is as if my cpu is locked up - no commands work until the several second timeframe ends. I use Netscape 4.7 but have tried Explorer and experience about the same problem. It is not my CPU as this is the ONLY BB or WEB site upon which I have this problem.

Please continue working on your problems. Regardless of what some may say - it is (or was) a great RV information resource.

Good Luck
New BB - Awful!!!

[bob t] it seems tohave improved alot. it is similar to other layouts
i e Escapee&#039s, Good Sam etc. We have to keep up!! technology & programing is changeing faster than we can afford, but as a BB we have to improve. its getting faster each time I check in, so i&#039m sure they&#039re streamlining the programing. I&#039m sure we got comfortable w/old BB it was there a long time & change is always uncomfortable, just for a while
I learned alot from this BB & I&#039m not giving up
New BB - Awful!!!

[Duane S.] Since the recent changes I think that this BB is one of the fastest responding boards. I have no problem with the blue bleed through problem - maybe some users have computer issues that are theirs. Good board!!!
New BB - Awful!!!

[sandie] to tell you the truth i think this BB is GREAT!!! it is easy to use, easy to read and can&#039t figure out what these guys are complaining about.
thanks for doing it and keeping it going and keep up the good work. i most appreciate the complainers who never talk of constructive ways of making it better. they really torque me off.
New BB - Awful!!!

[Don B] Well, I took another look today. It looks like I&#039m a minority of one.

I&#039m used to being in the minority and I&#039ll get used to this new format.

Cordially...Don B