New camping/emergency flashlights


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If anyone is ever looking for a good flashlight for camping or to have stored in the RV in case of emergency, I found a company that is giving away some new, high-tech flashlights for free. These flashlight do not require batteries, so I figured it'd be nice to not have to buy or worry about dead batteries anymore. If you go onto - just tell them where you want them shipped and they'll send them right to your door. I ordered a couple of them and took them on my camping trip this past weekend and they worked great. Small in size and easy to pack.

Hopefully this info will help out if anyone is looking for some new flashlights.


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New camping/emergency flashlights

To quote their web site and be accurate:

"Take advantage of this limited time offer - we need to clear out our inventory and get rid of these flashlights! This great product is FREE for you, all you pay is the $7.99 in shipping and handling so we can get it to your door!

In fact, think you might need one for the house and another for the car - we'll throw in another flashlight! Completely FREE!!! Just add $4.99 for the additional shipping and handling. That's two FREE Flashlights!!! "

You have to crank the generator to store some charge internally to make the lamp light. There is something to be said for the "battery-less" lamp, but there is added complication with the crank generator. Hmmmm ...

I don't store my flashlights with the batteries in them. Alkaline batteries will store a VERY long time with little change in their energy.


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New camping/emergency flashlights

These flashlights look like they take 2 hands to use. I paid 9.99 each (but no shipping :) at a truck stop for ones with 3 LEDs, a rechargable battery, and a squeeze generator. 60 seconds of squeezing gives 10 - 15 minutes of light.