new Carriage RV


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:bleh: :( The first of june bought a new 2010 Royals International fth wheel. We live in Utah and found this coach on
line in Texas.The coach was not preped for use to pick up when we got there and the did not get it preped for us to leave until about 7:30 that night (Friday) We didn't get to check it out at all. After taking possession we found
numerous things wrong with it. The most critical was the paint job.(These Units have fuul body paint) WE have had it in the shop at home here in Utah everv since trying to get all these issues worked out.This paint job has contaminates in the spray paint on the left side of the coach and the back of it it was also peeling all around the coach were It wraped over the roof.Carriage allowed the dealership here so many hours labor to fix the roof
problem . They did fix the two sides and front but the back edge is not fix as of yet.Carriage informed me today
they would not fix the hundreds of spots were the paint is contaminated with what ever.They said I should have
caught it on my walk through that we didn't get and we should not have signed for it. I think this item should
be covered on their own two year warranty on materials and workmanship. Any Lawyers out there. P.S. Don't
buy a Carriage RV.They are not made as well as they contend. :