New Cougar


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We are looking to buy a new 5th wheel soon.
We like the Cougars. 31efs or something like that. With the bunkhouse.
We are just wondering if there is anything out there we should be aware of with them.
We have talked to a few people with Cougars and get mixed feedback. Some love them others hate them. None gave any reasons.
We tried a search here but didn't come up with any results.
Since we live up here in the cold U.P. of Michigan the heated underside looks to be a good option.
We have a TT now. One thing I'm hoping for is that a 5th wheel will allow me to get into camp sites easier. I have an 04 Dodge one ton with 4 doors and long box, so it is really long. It can be quite the challange at some camp grounds.
Thanks in advance.

C Nash

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New Cougar

Hi Michaelm, The Cougars are very popular in this area and I have not heard anything bad other than just the normal problems. We had a 28 ft fifth wheel for about two years and had very few problems. Have a friend that has a 2003 model and has had no problem. Hard to beat for the price IMO. Great for weekend campingg.