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Check out this new group called the Jazzabillies! It's country swing and great stuff! You can listen to online clips at

You can also purchase a mp3 of individual songs or download the entire cd! Don't forget to sign the guestbook while you are there!
New Country/Western Swing Music Group

Outstanding reviews! Check them out!!
I got wonderful listener reaction to "Detour" from the mp3 last week on "Swingin' West." I have "Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens" on my Friday, Jan. 13 show. Scotty both plays some wicked steel licks and really belts out this old Louie Jordan and Asleep at the Wheel memory.Mike Gross, Swingin' West - WSHU-FM, Fairfield, CT
"I heard you're demo and it really swings... thanks again"
Leon Rausch, Texas Playboys
"This Jazz Country Swing Band "Jazzabillies" is putting out a new CD called "Show Me" and they are proud to announce their new hit single ""Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens", which I have on my playlist. You can find their web link on the WEB LINK page. Go there and listen to the music and of course buy the CD. The group has a great sound and will remind you a lot of Bob Wills or Asleep at the Wheel big band sound."

Robert Partigianoni, Radio Louisiana -
I LOVE IT!!! Jimmy and the gang are the new kings of Western swing!
Count on some airplay on KWRE.

Mike Thomas
I really enjoyed listening to the samples of the cuts on your new album. I love the fact a person can actually clearly hear every musical instrument individually while enjoying the way they sound together. It's nice to hear such music - devoid of reverb-laden, loud drums and over-compressed mush. I especially enjoy the picking of your standup bass player. I can guarantee I'll play your music on Shufflemania.
We've added their music to our regular playlist. They are a really good western swing band. I love y'alls western swing version of "Sleepwalk", great job! I've always loved the song "Turn Me Lose And Let Me Swing". I had only heard it by great Buddy Emmons and Ray Pennington, but you do a good cover. Tune in to hear them guys, they are hot stuff!!
Rascalita - Ram Radio (
‘Ain’t Nobody Here But Us chickens’ – what a fun song! I really like it and the Jazzabillies musicianship also and will definitely be including it in my playlist.
Valerie Baxter RADIO 2XX - 98.3FM Australia
From all I heard…WOW!!! Somebody on your teams knows arrangements. Tell Ol’ Scotty I loved his playing, especially SWINGWALK. And Starla a GREAT SINGER - Super voice and so much energy, what a talent! Dugg Collins AM 1070 THE RANCH/KFTI, Wichita , Kansas
The Jazzabillies have just completed their first album and it is quite an album of some very hot western swing. The individual musicians are each very talented on their own and should be familiar to most fans and followers of western swing music.Jimmy Queen is heard playing drums, lead guitar, trumpet, trombone, sax, piano and harmonica. In addition, he is heard on vocal on the pop standard The Way You Look Tonight and a Merle Travis western swing standard remade as Big Gal. Jimmy's lovely wife, Starla Queen plays rhythm guitar and does the vocals on four very different tunes that show off her versatility. They are Ray Pennington's very hot Turn Me Loose And Let Me Swing, the country classic from Dottie West and Ray Price Here Comes My Baby, another very hot tune that shows off the entire band called Show Me and the pop and big band standard Deep Purple. Scotty Henderson is heard playing some very exciting steel guitar and handles the vocals on the old favorite Butter and Egg Man and Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens from Louie Jordan and Asleep At The Wheel. Dave Owens is the bass player and quite a vocalist on the Tommy Edwards pop standard All In The Game and two western swing favorites, Paul Westmoreland's Detour and the Johnny Bush gem From Tennessee To Texas. Former Mel Tillis Statesider, Ernie Reed is the fiddle player and Lonnie Patterson plays lead guitar on Show Me. The remaining cut in this 12 tune CD is the super instrumental Swingwalk.
Mike Gross, WVOF-FM, Fairfield, CT
January 18, 2006