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Hi! My wife & I just came from a show this past weekend and ran into a salesman that has an interesting purchase. We are considering full time RV’ing after I retire this summer. We are strongly considering a fifth wheel but have never owned one. We have had travel trailers and mini motorhomes over the last 30 years we have been camping. We have always heard that Carriage was the Cadillac of campers.

This salesman has a 32 foot carriage Cameo that is a 2004 leftover that his boss would like to unload. They are offering for sale for $35,000.00 with the original 2 year warranty from the factory.

I would like another’s opinion. Please let me know ASAP. Thank you.

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New Fifth Wheeler

I would say that's a bit high. The 2004 is 2 model years old, which means it has been sitting on the lot, exposed to the weather and lookers, probably not maintained at all well. Treat it as if it was USED. $35K sounds about like straight USED retail. If you are good bargainer, have cash (or financing) in hand, and are not in any hurry, I wouldn't be surprised if you could get that unit for as little as $27K or possibly even less.

One thing which works for me is only dealing in 'out the door' price. That way, what I pay is what we agreed on, not 1000's more.

I got my trailer, a 1 model year old new unit, for less than low used retail, and that was including tax, licence and dealer charges.

When you say 'full-timing', that has different connotations. Most any trailer can work for a week or 3, but if you really are spending 'all' your time in a trailer, you want to make sure that it has enough room and CCC (Cargo Carrying Capacity = GVWR - Empty weight) for all your possessions, and room enough for all the people/animals in it, and sturdy enough to take use every day (some units void the warrenty if you live in it more than 'x' days per year), and able to handle any weather you are likely to encounter (cold is the hardest to handle).

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New Fifth Wheeler

Eddie, remember it will be 2 year old when you drive off the lot. Sounds a little high to me. Make them an offer.
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I agree with hertig and c nash. I would go one step further and say $27K is a little high. Try to get them down more, if not it may be best to pass this one up. Makes you wonder why this unit was left setting for two years and no one bought it. Myself, I would shop around.
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I just read a tread in another forum and I think you should check this out. Click on the web page here and read about a carriage I always thought they were tops in the class till I read about this service problem . LEE PS heres another link this does not look good for carriage. hope these help
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We have a friend, "customer", who has a Carriage. When the trailer was new, he had tons of problems. We did a lot of warranty work for him, and we are not a Carriage dealer. He is looking at our Prairie Schooner for his next trailer.
New Fifth Wheeler

To all of you who responded, I want to thank you for your good advice. My wife & I are a little skeptical ourselves about something that has been sitting. We are going to look at and see what we think. I am currently waiting for him to send some pictures to look at before going.

I will try to get back to you with what decision we make and thank you again.