New Ford Diesel Engine

A customer of mine told me a story today. Sounds like there is hope on the horizon for Ford die-hards. Apparently in 2007 model Super-Duty's there will be a new 6.4 liter diesel engine. Rumor has it there will be twin turbos on it, but no news on HP or Torque yet. One rumor is it might be a Cat., but I also heard Ford has a contract with International till 2010 or so.

It is NOT going to be modular like the 6.0. Ford finally figured out that is a nightmare. My customer is having his SECOND 6.0 pulled out right now because of the center oil gasket. He has 40K on his truck and 4K on this engine. He is NOT a happy Ford customer.

I searched "2007 Ford Diesel" and got some information. If interested, more information should show up on the net soon. Until then, we will have to wait and see.


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New Ford Diesel Engine

Don't I remember correctly that Ford has bought out the controling interest in Cummins Corp.? I am quite sure that I did hear that last spring and also that a Texas Ford dealer told me that Cummins has a contract to supply engines to Dodge for several more years. International is a part of Freightliner and they have been the Ford diesel engine source. Perhaps it is a new Cummins engine?
New Ford Diesel Engine

Nope, the Cummins rumor has been going around since Dodge got the Cummins engine in the late 70's. Would be nice if it died.

20 years ago Ford owned 10% of Cummins so they could use there engines in the 650 and larger trucks. Several years ago Ford sold their interest. I don't think you will ever see a Cummins in a Ford Super Duty, but I do believe in the saying "never say never".
New Ford Diesel Engine

A person i work with ordered a new ford f 350 and told me she ordered it with the cat engine instead of the standard international v8. She did not go into detail of turbos or hp. She ended up getting a different truck because after 9 weeks of waiting and excuses she found another and got a great deal on it [no cat though]. I also heard that rumor about cummins and ford and got worried what would dodge do for power [use a benz diesel ? ].