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My wife and I just bought a Class A 40' pusher. I work construction all over the country and have not seen the inside of my house in Arizona for 2 years now. My wife and I decided to sell the house and everything we own and put her on the road with me full time along with our big boxer boy Shermy. We have found a great place to stay in Florida close to where my job is so we have the park thing under control. I am just looking for any advice that the veterans of the RV world would have to offer to help make this transition easier and not so stressful. Any hidden costs that creep up and blind side you, or things that I would just say "DUH" to that I have missed. We bought from a great dealer in Arizona who has really helped us out a lot and has taken very good care of us and the rig. But I know that there are tricks of the RV life that only you folks would know so any help is greatly appreciated. I look forward to learning from the pro's!!!