New guy with pricing question

Hey everyone - I'm new to the forum and don't have an RV yet, but I hope to change that soon. I've found a 1980 Chevy 1 ton Jayco, 350 auto, 53,000 original miles. It used to belong to a fire department that used it as a water rescue vehicle. They added a nice hitch and used it to tow their boat. The body is in fantastic shape, both the metal and the fiberglass. Great tires with minimal weather checking. Propane hookups are there also. The only downside is it sat for awhile and the roof seals went, so there was a leak inside.
The current owner tore the interior completely out and replaced the floor. He's also done a bunch of wiring, and basically it's ready to put back together and can be done however I'd want to do it. I drove it yesterday and it runs/drives excellent. He was planning to use it as a work van but bought a diesel panel truck instead - now this is just sitting.

I think I know the answer to this, but I tend to get a little too excited and jump in. He's asking $1000 and I'm pretty sure I could get it if I took him $800 cash. Sound like a good deal? It seemed like this was the forum to check.
I've always loved camping and have wanted an RV forever, this seems like it would be a relatively inexpensive way to get into it. I can do my own mechanical and carpentry work, so any apparent downside (aside from my wife making me live in it?)

Thanks - Jeff

DL Rupper

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Hey Buckeyeguy, is that as in Ohio State "Go Bucks". If you have a spare $800 and you won't have to live in the RV, go for it. If nothing else it will give you something to do waiting for the next NCAA Football championship game. Now days you can't get a junk yard special pickup for $800. Let alone one that is in good shape and has a potential to be a reconditioned RV. :cool:
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Hey DL - that is Buckeye as in Ohio State. Believe me, I can wait awhile for the next title game if it is going to be anything like the last one. :( My wife will probably eventually come around, she usually bonds with the crap I drag home. Plus she is getting a new horse trailer, so all is fair, right? I don't think I'll be passing this up. I'll post pics when I get it home. Another plus I thought of - over 25 years old, so I can get historical tags and save on registration!

C Nash

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Re: New guy with pricing question

The 350 in the 1 ton might be a 4 bolt main which is worth the bucks. Better grab it and keep us posted. Welcome to the forum and "WAR EAGLE"
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I decoded the VIN and it is a 4 bolt main (also a factory 4 barrel). With the low mileage the drivetrain alone is easily worth the asking price, so if the owner is free tomorrow I'm going to get it.
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Just to keep you all up to date, I picked it up yesterday evening and have it at home. Pics to come soon - I've already gotten a lot done on the interior, so it's coming along.
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Not to tell you what to do, but the Album feature here at the forum is a good place to post a running stream of pictures.

That way you can post one as you go along and just tell us here when you do.