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Hi to All...

We just became the proud owners of a '98 Thor Hurricane 30' Class A. So far, we love it! We have had a couple of adventures, however. My wife classifies all outings in our sailboat as "Adventures"...says that you don't get nearly as frustrated if you look at it as an adventure. I suppose "adventures" are not just for sailboats...

I'm curious as to whether there are other Hurricane owners in this group. I've already learned a great deal from reading many of the posts, but if I should adventure into something that is Hurricane specific...?

I will ply the group with questions as the "Adventure" unfolds. Thanks for all your collective wisdom and future advice...

Bert & Kathy
Tallahassee, Florida


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New Hurricane Owner

Hello Bert and Kathy,Welcome.I'm new to this forum.My wife and I bought a 1997 30'Hurricane just last may,2002.We love it .It has 12600 miles on it.It satquiet a bit. anyhow it needed new tires which the dealer agreed to replace.Cooper tires are alright tires.Then we found out a while later that the brake calipers,pads and hoses needed replaced.that cost us 700$. all in all it is a good unit.We get 7mpg(more or less).We dont tow yet,but we will as next year we will be retiring and a lot of traveling to do. :laugh: :) :clown: :bleh: LOL,Thats (Lots Of Luck)GL